gSXprog: command line interface to Parallax SX-Key and SX-Blitz

The gSXprog project aims to produce a command line interface for the Parallax SX-Key and SX-Blitz programmers. These are low-cost programmers for the Ubicom (formerly Scenix) SX microcontrollers. gSXprog is written for Linux, but should be portable to other Posix-compliant operating systems.

There has not yet been a "release" of gSXprog. However, adventurous people may check the code out of CVS. (Don't let the statement "no CVS history" mislead you. The code is in there.)

The current code has been tested somewhat with a Rev. C SX-Key. There is a start at code for the SX-Blitz and the newer SX-Key revisions, but it is not yet expected to work. The encryption code is present but the protocol has changed somewhat and is not yet coded.


Last updated March 6, 2001

Copyright 2001 Eric Smith

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